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Home 10.14pm.Exactly last night, while I was checking final exam for my students, I heard this touching words coming from a movie casted by Eddy Murphy (correct spelling?). No need an hour to think, I realize how precious time for my children when I’m around them.
In one of its part, a son said to Eddy (I’m not sure what his role was, but I suppose he’s playing a father there) after he decided to move to a job that will take him away from his son for a quite long time, “…I would sale all of my toys… you (father) don’t have to get money and we could be together.”.
It was one of a touchy word I’ve ever heard. Even though, I’ve heard it somewhere before, but somehow I feel that it shoots right through my heart.
I recall my time that I have for my two angels. It is so little I spare for them, predominately used for my own career and my own time. Children might change everything you dream this moment, but children will turn to something you would dream of when they were grown up, with your passion, care, and love.
Thank you exam and eddy…


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