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What a moment!!! three hours less to go before the upcoming new year 2009. I can feel the high time atmosphere in my town time, and so the rest of the world I suppose. In Indonesia, our time is divided into three time zone, each has one hour difference. Indonesia’s eastern part ( Papua, Maluku and I dont know, Kupang maybe?) will celebrate the new year first, followed by Indonesia’ middle part (Bali and part of Kalimantan/Borneo island). And my town, since it’s on the western part along with capital Jakarta , Sumatera island and Riau islands) are the last part who celebrate the changing of the year.
You know, the special thing about this year is that we are celebrating two new years in a quite the same time. For the Muslim, the new year 1430 H (short of Hijriyah) fell on 29 December 2008. So there’s about two (or three?) days difference with the regular 1 Jan 2009. Off course, I believe all people in the globe have made up their resolution for the forthcoming year: to be more successful, to get higher position in their career, to get their better half, to enjoy more prosperous state than before, and so on so forth.
To me, though it’s important to have wishes on those targets (otherwise, your life is so plain right), I see that I have two special target packages for this round: (a) To be a better dad and husband for my family and (b) To goal my ambition to study my PhD. Other things being equal (hey, you can’t control everything anyway), these two goals seem doable and rewarding. Let’s say that it’s a downpayment for a longer investment in the future.
Well, to all of you in the world, I wish u all success, prosperous, and peace for 2009. To my leader of Indonesia, I wish u all healthiness and more durability to fight against corruption.


Posted December 31, 2008 by hamzahritchi in Everyday

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