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Truly remarkable, inspiring and a must attend program for both parents and parents wannabe. Extremely recommended. I participated to this event right in the middle long holiday, a time when we, most working people, dream to get lazy and play around with kids – Saturday and Sunday. And so did we actually. Even though my working time is quite flexible (for teaching at university), but I always see Sat & Sun are days where they are supposed to be a day off for working (again, I have to admit, mostly it just doesn’t work that way, cause beside lecturing I do consulting work).
At first, I was not too keen to attend the stuff. I solely pushed my self just because I want to respect my wife’s effort who had booked the place for both of us. I thought that this is just another variant of parenting product like everyone else offered by motivational consultant or EO folks to attract parents who put concern on their children. The program was named PSPA (Program Sekolah Pengasuhan Anak), instructed by seemingly quite young motivater, Ihsan Baihaqi Ibnu Bukhari. The thing costed us about Rp.250.000 each (we got discounted price actually, haha).
But, really, all bless to the almighty God who had lead me to the course, the event was sooo deeply touching my very heart as a dad. All material are so highly motivating, easily understood and really practical based. Sometime we forgot that children are not ours. They are both Allah bless and His mandate for us to look after before returning back to Him in a original condition. But often what we did is actually against His willingness. As a parent, we have to admit that we have lead them to make their life much harder, as opposed to make them be prepared to be a person with integrity, value and preparedness to fight for Him.
Dear mommy, liyana, naila, and the long waited new member in d family, please forgive me for any misdirection I ever give. I’d try the best to be your better person.

liyana&naila (5th&2th) birthday

liyana&naila (5th&2th) birthday


Posted December 31, 2008 by hamzahritchi in Family

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