Lesson learned from Megadeth 2008 tour   Leave a comment

It was mid 2008 (CMIIW) when Megadeth made their return to Indonesia. To me, it was just a big surprise as I’ve been waiting for this opportunity. My buddy Jipo was the one who told the tour. Don’t think twice, I asked him to book me a ticket (front row for sure). I planned to go there with him since much our friends were not able to join the group.
This is a very expected event. I saw Metallica when I was junior high, and obviously I want to see Megadeth after that. The exciting moment of stage performance were playing as my head started thinking about them. It’s something that I ever wanna do when I was still young.
All of sudden, reality bites. I got sad news that my mother’s closest neighbor was passed away. And the person would be rested in Garut, a city 2.5 hours away south from Bandung. n you know what, the burial is in the same time with Megadeth tour. Who else gonna take my mom there beside me? And even if I forced my self to immediately go to Jakarta after taking my mom to Garut, I wouldn’t be able to see even the last part of the last performance. Clearly I can’t heal my self quickly from the disappointment, but you just gotta do it. My respect to my parents is way lot bigger than watching the tour.
Well, it’s not that I regret taking my mom, but the lesson learned from it at least two: (1) people can only plan and do their best while God who decides and (2) you just have to believe that all the good deeds you make today is actually putting a future good seed for yourself. But, anyhow, people might think differently from my standpoint.
Anyway, enjoy the weekend folks.


Posted January 1, 2009 by hamzahritchi in Everyday

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