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I want to propose a hypothesis or anything similar like that. You may or may not agree with my opinion.But if you put yourself back in early 90s or perhaps much further than that, say 80s, many of us really find it’s hard to get needed information channel for your decision making purpose in the sense that the channel was not provided sufficient enough. Organization business process data still being captured in a proprietary IS infrastructure in a so called legacy. Different division means different data structure, application logic/algorithm and communication standard. The premature stage of communication protocol like TCP/IP had not provided a quick way to obtain information. Put it in simple word, biggest problem is the lack of information channel that caused inability to get proper information for next course of action.
On the other hand, the emergence of web 2.0, search engines, browsers development, and many embedded web based applications are seen a milestone of present information processing age. The now act now as the frontier to open a new order of information discovery. Yet, organization still suffer from getting right information in right time, right context and right way. Even worse, we are drawn and chocked in a drastically huge volume of data or information, coined as Information Overload. Try googling with the word “computer”, n you’ll see 1,020,000,000 search result out of it. But to identify which context nicely fit to your desire is another problem I suppose.
Reflecting to said above explanation, I think that management or organization still face difficulties in obtaining a relevant information for decision making, only to a different extent. In the past we deal with information shortage, n now we face information overload. Until business and IS align together, the problem of information relevance will remain unsolved.


Posted January 2, 2009 by hamzahritchi in Information System

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