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Conflict over Israel attack on Palestine area becomes more intense. According to TV news couple hours ago, major war between Israel and Palestine has occurred for about three times. Since 1946, the UK backed newly emerged Israeli state, gradually took over Palestinian’s land through war, harsh and occupation. From the map, it can be seen that the Palestine land is shrinking time to time. Big question is, how’s on earth the so called peacemaker UN can foolishly award the land to the Jewish without considering the history and the fact that the land was not even Jewish de facto area?
The situation became more frustrating since Arabian league is never able to unite their view to support the Palestine. I wonder what happened with the heart and brain of those leaders? I certainly don’t have the right to judge them, but it’s just too obvious, that both Arabian League and international community lead by UN doesn’t have true willingness to fix the thing. Let’s hope the situation turns for Palestinian people good. I believe that Allah will help on those who fight for Him, be it now or then.

israel-palestine-map. From


Posted January 2, 2009 by hamzahritchi in Politics

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