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The newly appointed Pertamina CEO Karen Agustiawan raised different comments over her next steps for rescuing this state-owned oil company. To me, the assignment probes me to nominate Indonesia women who are inspiring in business and leadership within the last ten years.

The list is obviously subjective, based on my own feeling :). They may be public figure. Furthermore, the ordering doesn’t indicate superiority. So feel free to think about other figures or add it on your own list:

1. Sri Mulyani
Starting her career as lecturer at Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia, Dr.Mulyani now bears responsibility to drive Indonesia future economic to be better and more stable as a Minister of Finance. She earned her doctorate from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. After the so-called monetary crisis in Indonesia (1997- now?), her name started to emerge in many economics discussion in many media. Some of her profesionall recognition I guess are 2006 best Asia Finance Miniter by Emerging Market, the 2nd Indonesia most influencing woman on Globe Asia version, and the 23rd the world most influencing woman Forbes version in 2008. I still recall several occasions where I saw her in the TV arguing and debating her opponents, which sometimes led to a furious debate. One thing I can’t accept is when she took a role in International Monetary Fund. To me, it’s like working for someone who has a hidden and adverse agenda to you.

2. Betti Alisjahbana
In Indonesia, Alisjahbana clan brings their own reputation for being a talented people with a very impressive track record of academic. Alisjahbana is a family name, taken from a everlasting reputable Indonesian author, Sutan Takdir Alisjahbana. Though not a direct I may say that the importance of education runs in the family. Born in Bandung, 2 August 1960, Ms.Alisjahbana was raised with many kind of academical activities. She graduated from a nationally reputable Bandung Institute of Technology with major in Architecture. Her highest achievement in career is to role as an CEO of IBM Indonesia, quite amazing for an architecture.

3. Eva Rianti Hutapea
Mrs.Hutapea was a CEO of Indofood, one of the Indonesia’s largest instant noodle producer. From tokoh indonesia , she mentioned three success factor: opportunity, capability and luck.She is regarded as the woman behind the rescue of Indofood due to the huge loss of Rp. 1,2 trilion in 1997. Its biggest revenue source, instant noodle sales plummeted to 7.8 billion packages. Her success in rescuing Indofood made her being awarded as Indonesia Best CEO on Swa Magazine version. Additionally,

4. Rini Suwandi
I know little about her, but I started to recognize her when she was as A Minister of Industrial and Trade when Megawati acted as President of Indonesia. Sometime before being a minister, she was named as a CEO of Astra International, a holding for a number of leading Indonesia’s companies. Most of her time was spent abroad, yet, it doesn’t make her forgeting her root as Indonesia.

5. Karen Agustiawan
Obviously, her update is the most sought-after news recently. She challenges male domination of oil and gas industry by chairing the first person at Pertamina, state-owned oil corporation. Before appointed as president director of Pertamnina, she was also first woman to head the state company’s upstream division, responsible for the management of the company’s drilling rigs, a job which was once seen as too macho for a woman. Graduated from Bandung Institute of Technology, major at physical engineering, she has also been roaming about oil and gas industry from Mobil Oil, CGG Petrosystem, Halliburton, before eventually joined Pertamina.

7. Widyawati
A very famous artist and still enchantedly charming to me. Her husband, Sophan Sopiaan, is also a famous actor from early 70s. They made Indonesia fell in love and made them Indonesia sweetheart from the first time they show up in movie industry until now. Her husband passed away when a street accident took his life during his travel with bikers club to promote nationalism.

8. Mari Elka Pangestu
Ministry of Trade.

9. Miranda Gultom
Deputy Governor of Indonesia Central Bank.

Number n….. Mrs.Taufik Kiemas’s wife???
Well….this one? no comments 🙂


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