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Asylum becomes the favorite..   Leave a comment

As expected, Indonesia’s 2009 Parliament general election has harvested the side effect… Many of candidates are experiencing mental problems and are needing special treatment in asylum. What can I say? this is the logical consequence for not being able to take the loss. In some part of the country region, I see from news, one unsuccessful candidate is in conflict with his people whom he wish to vote for him. He force the villagers to get out of his land property. Quite unreasonable…I guess series of this psychological effect keep increasing at least until the Presidential election ends.


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Deepest Condolences for airplane crash…again   Leave a comment

A plane crash incident at the beginning of this week, so close to Indonesia general election struck was a horrible going. The 24 crews were all killed when the plane hit a hangar own by Dirgantara Indonesia Corporation (PT DI), a state owned plane manufacturer located at Husein Sastranegara air force base.
This accident certainly leaves us a pain in each people heart. It makes the list of plane crash accident even longer….
From the very bottom of my heart, I express my deepest condolence for the brave souls who were leaving before us. May the be rest in peace.

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General Election 09   Leave a comment

Countdown to the Indonesia president and parliament election is getting closer, less than a month to go. As opposed to the the last general election, recent system offers a different approach. It’s virtually different indeed.
In last election, people votes primarily for political party. Then the most voted parties will determine candidate for people to sit in the parliament and the candidate for president too. In other words, we were like buying cat in the sack, cause our president was not chosen by the people.
I see current election mechanism is very different. Recent representative candidates must now anticipate for extra money, one for campaigning themselves and one for contributing his/her political party. No wonder many health authorities are preparing extra services and spaces related to mental hospitals. With limited hot seat targeted as opposed to huge number of candidates, added with high tension seasoning, there will be high probability that part of these people will enter the services…scarry….

Posted April 6, 2009 by hamzahritchi in Politics