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Barca moment   Leave a comment

My greatest salute to Barca. They showed the most amazing and flowing soccer before finally won the match over MU for 2-0. All players looked so consistent to their position as opposed to MU clueless and stucked players. Ronaldo was effectively stopped from his space. I vote for Carlos Puyol as the man of the match and predict Messi will be the next FIFA player of the 2009.
Still my heart is for MU and deeply wish next season will be theirs. I hope Christiano Ronaldo will be more mature on his performance and his attitude, Carlos Tevez will stay on the Old Traford and Sir Alex Ferguson still be the manager for the club.
Glory glory Barca….and the best for MU


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Where are my friends   Leave a comment

I started loving playing in a band since my junior high school. There my first appearance was playing a dead metal music like Obituary’s, Sepultura, and gradually decreasing in term of the loudness and speed. This hobby is carried until my undergraduate study. But on that time, the music genre is totally different and precisely defined. I used to play speed metal, rock n roll and classic rock where it was really against music mainstream where people loves to hear top 40. Music like megadeth, led zepellin, uriah heep, janis joplin were among music I love.
And now, I’m started to miss that moment again. Now, most people at my age are busy with their job. Only few of them are still playing in a band, and they now turn into an artist. I wish that I can play again, at least for some leisure time in the middle of my time doing the office job. Just a thought.

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Recommended Novel – Negeri Van Oranje   3 comments

For the novel lover, I’ve just finished reading this novel (in Indonesia)..pretty much light reading. Anyway, I like the way the authors tell the whole story that makes me feel as if I were there. The story is about friendships of five Indonesian graduates student from various background. They were destined to meet each other in somewhere in Netherland. Since then, the story began.
But don’t expect too much for a very deep message from the book. After all, it’s supposed to be a light reading. Nevertheless, many things you can extract out of this book like friendship, love, and nationalism.
Sorry folks, I’m a bad teller, if you want to, just grab the book in Gramedia (shelved among “Best Seller” stock).

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